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Clarity People Solutions offers clear and friendly HR advice and support to small and medium sized businesses. These include:

Day to Day HR Advice and Support

We can support you through those people issues and concerns and will be available to provide hands-on support at your site when needed.

HR Projects

We can also provide immediate support or a short-term solution to those HR projects which you don’t have the time or resources to do. These include:

    • Formal investigations
    • Producing or reviewing Employee Handbooks and Line Managers’ Guidance Manuals
    • Employee engagement and employee opinion surveys
    • Culture change programmes
    • Introducing or reviewing Appraisal and Performance Management Schemes
    • Planning & Succession Management
    • Redundancy and/or Restructure programmes

“Lisa Price worked with me at Tenet Group as Director of Human Resource for over ten years, we had over 400 employees. I was Group CEO and following my departure in August 2011 Lisa has been providing HR consultancy support to my new company Oakleaf. I have always been impressed with Lisa’s knowledge of the complicated employment laws and her ability to take a very practical but commercial view of how to apply these laws in practice. She has also always been very resilient under pressure, staying focused which is a great asset and leaves you able to get on with your own job.“

Simon Hudson, CEO Oakleaf Independent Financial Services Ltd

HR Policies

Employment law and policies are a major area of expertise for the Human Resources function. The periodical changes in employment law can go unnoticed to many senior managers who are, quite righty, busy with growing their business. Often a policy may have served its purpose or working practices have moved on since it was introduced. How many times do great policies sit on a company’s intranet or in an office manager’s desk and go untouched for years? Until, that is, an employee points out something that is so out of date or that it is working against the businesses best interest. Policies should work to move the business forward and be free of out of date references and free of HR jargon. At Clarity People Solutions we offer clear guidance.

Clarity People Solutions looks at your policies holistically and above all clearly!

Similarly, there should be a clear link between terms and conditions, contractual letters, staff handbooks and policies. Clarity is needed between what is and is not contractual. We will be there to help you, or act on your behalf, with the creation, development or review of HR related policies and documents.

HR Administration

Maintaining adequate employee records are time consuming but essential if you find yourself in a dispute of some sort. Documentation, policies and procedures are important to ensure that both you and your employees are clear about all matters related to their employment. Clear and accurate records ensure consistency in the way your employees are treated and in protecting your business.

Having a full HR professional within your organisation can be expensive, however, the skills and knowledge that they bring can be invaluable to the internal workings of your business. Clarity People Solutions can provide all the benefits of having your own HR expertise at a fraction of the cost of employing your own. We provide you with a professional HR service at an affordable price for the things you need when you need them.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting the right people is one of the biggest investments your business will make. Getting recruitment right can bring major benefits but getting it wrong can be time-consuming and costly. We can help you recruit and appoint the best person for your business.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need with whichever parts of the process you wish. We can provide any, or all, of the following:

    • preparation of job description and employee specification
    • design and placement of job advertisements
    • response management
    • initial shortlisting or interviews
    • design, manage and/or participate in interviews/assessment events
    • carry out agreed psychometric testing for the role
    • preparation of all paperwork and administration of all stages of recruitment exercise.

We offer a clear pricing structure so please contact us for further details.

Mediation and dispute resolution

Mediation is an informal but structured way of resolving disputes using an independent third party who assists the parties to discuss and examine the issues behind the conflict and agree a mutually acceptable way forward.

It works - In a recent study* 88% of respondents who had used mediation said that it had resolved the issues in question completely or partly.

It’s quick – the majority of workplace mediations are concluded within one working day.

It’s cost effective* – mediation can reduce or eliminate the costs of disputes caused by:

    • Loss of productivity
    • Managers’ and staff time spent on formal grievance procedures
    • Sickness absence
    • Taking cases to the Employment Tribunal

*Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development: Workplace Mediation – How employers do it

Performance Management & Appraisal

It’s important for any business to continually improve and evolve to stay ahead of its competition. Employees also need to improve and increase their contribution to the business if they are to feel valued and give their best contribution. Therefore it is vital your employees understand:

    • the part they play in the overall success of the business
    • what is expected of them by having clear objectives
    • ‘how’ they are expected to do something as well as ‘what’
    • feel supported and valued by the business to deliver their objectives

A good performance management and appraisal system will help you to achieve all of the above. We can help with everything including:

    • preparation of job descriptions and employee specifications
    • design of a performance management (including appraisal) process
    • training of managers and employees in the process
    • training of managers in dealing with employees whose performance falls short
    • on-going support and mentoring of the appraisers

Discipline and Grievance

Disciplinary and grievance issues are an everyday aspect of employing people. It’s important to set out a clear disciplinary policy with rules and a procedure to deal with any breaches which arise. It is good HR practice, ensures consistency and fairness, and, if properly documented and followed, will also ensure you comply with your statutory obligations to avoid misunderstandings and complaints.

Managers understand what disciplinary and grievance issues are but may not feel confident dealing with them due to lack of experience in these infrequent matters. On the times they do arise they can be difficult and stressful for the managers when their time is best spent on running the business. These matters can be kept to a minimum through clear policies and treating staff fairly and consistently.

Clarity People Solutions offer training to your line managers on effectively handling discplinaries and grievances and work with you to tackle these issues. We can also be present on site to assist with hearings if needed.

Absence Management

People are not machines and they do get ill from time to time. An effective absence management process will reduce the cost to the business and set clear guidelines for employees and managers.

Both intermittent short-term and long-term absence both have an impact on your business but in different ways.

Clarity People Solutions can look at the trends within your company to identify patterns and offer advice on how each case is best dealt with, providing sensible clear advice whilst keeping within employment law boundaries.

Equality and Diversity

What is equality?
Individuals must not be treated any less favourably than their work colleague on the grounds of the following 9 protected characteristics which were introduced by the Equality Act 2010. These are:

    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender Reassignment
    • Marriage and Civil Partnership
    • Pregnancy and Maternity
    • Race
    • Religion and belief
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation

Employees are also protected against discrimination because they are perceived to have, or are associated with someone who has, a protected characteristic.

What is diversity?
Diversity aims to recognise, respect and value people’s differences to contribute and realise their full potential by promoting an inclusive culture in your business. As a business, you need to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and that means that you must treat all employees fairly, ensuring that policies, procedures and processes do not discriminate in any way.

Promoting equality and diversity and ensuring all your employees feel valued is vital in the modern workplace. It makes good business sense too, as workers who feel valued are usually more productive when they are at work and less likely to leave your employment.

Clarity People Solutions can audit your current procedures and offer sensible advice to promote best practice, or we can step in to advise where you feel issues may be present.

Recognition and Reward

It’s important to recognise and reward your best employees in order to make them feel motivated and to keep them.

Recognition other than financial reward can also have a significant bearing on how happy and motivated your employees are and how committed they are to your business. The introduction of other non-monetary packages can add real value and often at little financial cost to your business. It will help you recruit and retain the good people you need to ensure the success of your business.

We can also offer Financial Awareness Sessions for employees, through a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner who will provide an overview of how employees can plan for their future. Similarly, if you’re struggling to understand your responsibilities under the new auto-enrolment requirements for pensions we can help you make sense of it all.

Basic Start-up Package

Ideal for newly established businesses or companies new to employing people.

What does it include?

    • Standard contract of employment template
    • Standard offer letter template
    • Standard staff handbook (including disciplinary policy, grievance policy)
    • New starter forms
    • Employee sickness self certification form
    • Holiday request form

A free one hour consultation is also included.

Having clear documentation will help your employees understand what you expect of them and sets out how you will deal with certain situations i.e. managing sickness absence, grievances etc. By law you must provide all new employees with a statement of particulars within 8 weeks of joining.

All of this for a single one off payment.

The items within this start up package are standard templates, but we are happy to tailor these documents specific to your requirements as an additional service.

Ongoing ‘Pay as You Go’ support

Further support can be provided on a Pay as You Go basis, usually for project or on-site support at a daily or half daily rate, or through a Retained Support agreement where you buy an annual number of days which you can use as and when you need throughout the year by paying a monthly fee. Either way, you pay for as much or as little support as you want.

Psychometric Testing & Aptitude Testing

Psychometric testing is a structured means of testing how a candidate performs in relation to specific tasks and measures their reaction to certain situations. The results give you an idea of how the candidate will fit in with your company ideas, values and how you like to work as a company.

At Clarity People Solutions we are fully qualified in conducting Psychometric Testing and can provide you with a comprehensive report on the individual candidate’s performance. This will allow you to make an informed decision on how well the candidate will fit the role in question and the business as a whole.
For more information on using Psychometric Testing in recruitment of new staff or in the development of existing staff please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Short-burst coaching

We can provide coaching support to members of management teams, or wherever else you need it in the company. We will discuss the coaching intervention, the approach, timescales, and so on. Generally, this is short-burst coaching to work on an area that enables the individual and the business to progress. Coaching can also be effective when dealing with absence or other employee problems to give you or your supervisors confidence to achieve results.